The Application Process

We offer several methods of collecting the information we need from you in order to approve your application.  In addition to our on-line application form, we have a variety of printable forms that you can print from your computer, complete and send to us by mail or by fax.  We can also fax to you any of our standard-form documents, if you prefer.

MOST of our transactions are done on an "Application Only" basis, without requiring any financial statements or tax returns from our applicant.  However, some transactions require more complete financial disclosure than others.  These include larger transactions and those for newer businesses or those involving less-than-perfect credit on the part of our applicant.  Click here for additional information about our credit criteria.

Our objective is to make this process as fast and easy for you as possible, while still providing the best possible approval for your needs.

Completing any of our lease applications does not obligate you in any way.  Frankly, we feel that if we can't provide an attractive approval for you, then we don't deserve your business.

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