We Make
Financing Easy
Lease$mart handles all aspects of the transaction, beginning with a one-page credit application.  We pre-screen your references and gather financial information necessary for fast approval of your credit request.

Lease$mart can approve your lease request up to $100,000 (or more) without financial statements.

Lease$mart offers terms from 12 months to 96 months allowing you to choose the leasing program that will help you most.

What Is A Lease?
A lease is a simple agreement between the owner of equipment (Lessor) and the end-user (Lessee) providing for the exclusive use of equipment for a monthly fee.

A lease can be viewed as a financing tool.  In fact it is the fastest growing method of paying for business equipment all across America.

Because leasing provides more benefits than ownership does, it is much more than just financing.

Avoid Loan
Leasing leaves your other credit lines intact.  Normally, your banker will not reduce your credit lines when you lease; they may do so when you borrow.  Leasing preserves your access to cash!  Instead of a liability on your financial statement, the lease can be shown as a footnote, maintaining healthy financial ratios.  Keep your cash and credit lines in reserve for when you need them for inventory, advertising, payroll, supplier discounts and other opportunities.

Would you pay your employees' wages several years in advance.  Of course not.  Paying cash for equipment that will provide many years of service is like paying an employee for years of service in advance!  Leasing equipment is comparable to hiring employees.  Pay for your equipment as it produces income and provides benefits and service to you.

Often the monthly payment will be less than the profits generated by the leased equipment.  And you have the option to own the equipment at lease end (usually for 10% of its original cost).

More Options
Equipment obsolescence can interfere with your continuing profitability.  Upgrades, modernization, and technological advances all become easier with leasing.  When change occurs, you'll be glad you leased your equipment.

Tax Savings
If you buy, you put the asset on your balance sheet, depreciate it and deduct only the interest portion of your loan payment.  A lease allows faster write-off.  You simply expense the full cost of the lease payments.  (Call Lease$mart for more information.)

Leasing is an operating expense and not a capital item.  Acquire equipment with little or no initial investment and predictable monthly payments.  Budget your equipment costs up to 5 years in advance.  Avoid fluctuations common to "prime plus" loans.  A fixed rate leasing program enables you to make regular, equal payments that actually get cheaper using tomorrow's dollars.

Should Every
Business Lease?
Every business should at least consider the benefits of leasing -- tax savings, capital management, leverage, and preservation of capital and reserves.  The more you know about leasing, the better decision you can make.

Why Lease with Lease$mart?
  • Superior Service -- Let us prove it!
  • Flexibility -- in credit criteria, terms, purchase options, graduated payments, seasonal payments . . .
  • Competitive rates -- We guarantee your lowest leasing rates.
  • Fast approvals -- for when you need it now!
  • Helping businesses to grow, modernize and thrive since 1975.
  • We can pre-approve you for a lease line of credit for your future equipment acquisitions.
  • We work with vendors coast to coast and handle all types of equipment.  We can even combine equipment from multiple vendors into a single lease.
  • 100% financing to include hardware, software, training, installation, service and shipping.
We Provide Leases for All Types of Capital Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment & Tools
  • Testing & Scientific Equipment
  • Office Equipment & Furniture
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Materials Handling Equipment
  • Medical Tools & Equipment
  • Garage Equipment
  • Computers & Software

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