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Lease $mart provides this LEASE PROPOSAL GENERATOR for the exclusive use of Elrod Machine & Manufacturing, Inc..

After entering information below, and clicking on the 'submit' button, you will be presented with a ready to print, or ready–to–email lease proposal to provide to your customer, formatted with your company logo and your customer's name on it.

The proposal generator works for transactions from $2,500 to $200,000 only.  Please call Lease $mart (520-628-9929 or 800-532-7303) for current payment quotes on transactions outside of that range.

Remember that the resulting dollar figures are best ESTIMATE payments only.  Final payment amounts are subject to approval of your customer's credit and final equipment details.  Lease $mart will approve your customer for the lowest rate appropriate to your customer's actual credit strength.
How to use this leasing Proposal Generator for maximum accuracy in quoting:
The accuracy of each payment estimate is only as good as the accuracy of the assumptions that are used in the calculation.
  1. Ask your customer how long they have been in business under the current ownership: Has it been AT LEAST 2 years?
  2. Ask your customer: "How would you characterize your personal and business credit: 'A', 'B' or 'C' ?"  (If you or they are not sure, select "B" as the credit strength)
  3. Enter the total dollar amount of the lease.  This is the total value of the equipment and capitalized services you will be quoting to your customer.  Usually, this will be a pre·tax figure (NOT including any sales taxes).  Appropriate sales taxes will be added to each monthly payment.
  4. For unique situations, including customized payment structures, 'story credits' or unusual circumstances, please feel free to call us for assistance.

Lessee Business Name:  
Attention:   (contact name at the Lessee's company)

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Has the business been established for at least 2 years under its current ownership?
Salesperson's/your name:  

Sign my name (as above) on proposal:
Yes (2 or more years)
No (Under 2 years)

How would you characterize the credit strength of the business AND its guarantor(s):
 A or A-
 B  (These are our 'STANDARD' rates from our rate sheet.  Unless you know or believe it to be otherwise, select "B" as the credit strength)
 C or C-

What is the total dollar figure value of the equipment to be leased?  (Excluding sales taxes in most cases.)
$   (Use no dollar signs or commas) ($2,500 to $200,000)

What type of lease would you like to calculate?
10% residual (or FMV)
$1 Buy Out

  Call Lease $mart if you have any questions: 520-628-9929 or 800-532-7303 (800-LEASE03)