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The personal credit of business owners and other personal guarantors is an important consideration in the credit analysis of most commercial equipment leasing applications.  Except in the cases of the largest and/or publicly-traded companies, we will usually do at least a 'background check' on the major shareholders before we can provide credit approval.

As a featured service for our existing and prospective lessees and equipment vendors, we offer the ability for you to access your own personal credit bureau: instantly, privately and affordably.  You can even find out your FICO score!

Each of the buttons below will provide access to a different set of services from either Equifax or Experian credit bureaus.  Costs for obtaining your credit bureau and other related reports run from $9.00 to $39.95, depending on which set of services and features are may select.  At least one service is available on a free trial basis, but you must cancel within 30 days to avoid a charge later.  Most of the prices available here are slightly less than what your local bureau servicing agent may charge you for a walk-in or by-mail request, AND some of the services allow you to access to your credit bureau report(s) for up to 30 days for no extra charge.

Rest assured: your personal information and your credit information will be transmitted over secure networks and will be known only to you and the credit bureaus themselves.  No part of the information transmitted via the linked pages will be communicated to or viewed by anyone at Lease$mart.  We won't even know your name or that you visited these pages.

Note, also, that accessing your own credit bureau will NEVER have a negative impact on your bureau or your various scores.  Accessing your bureau this way is not treated as an application for new credit, so will NOT be treated as a creditor-initiated 'inquiry' on your bureau - it will not impact your scores at all.  (However, IF you later ask us to provide credit approval for your equipment financing or leasing needs, we may need to make an inquiry at that time.  Ask for details.)

The buttons below allow you to do the following:

  • View your credit score & credit report online INSTANTLY
  • Receive an explanation of your score to better understand how lenders view your credit history
  • Analyze the impact to your credit score from simulated changes in your credit file (such as paying off balances or assuming a loan)
  • Receive specific tips on improving your credit score and see how your score compares against national averages
  • Access to the bureaus' Customer Care, available 7 days a week
  • At the bottom of the page, we have links to some other FREE information regarding personal and business credit issues and more about the FICO score and what it means to you and to potential creditors.

    Equifax Credit Products
    Credit Reports  Get Your Credit Report
  • Click for Equifax Credit Report
  • OR Click HERE for 3-in-1 Credit Report

    Credit ReportsCredit Watch  Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
  • Click for Equifax Credit Watch

    Credit Score  See Your Credit Score
  • Click for Score Power
  • Score Power Includes...
  • Equifax Credit ReportTM
  • Credit Score
  • Other Scores Are Also Available

  • Experian Credit Products
    Experian Credit Products

    FREE Credit Related Links and Tools

    We are eager to know whether you find these services of value and benefit to you, or if you have any concerns or difficulty in accessing the desired information.  We will welcome your feedback and comments at Contact us by EMail or call us at 800-532-7303 (800-LEASE-03).

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