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Leasing is Good for You and For Your Business!
More than 80% of American companies lease equipment to help them stay competitive and earn new profits.

Leasing equipment helps growing companies develop new markets and operate at peak efficiency.  You can use a lease with monthly payments and earn new profits now!

THERE ARE AT LEAST 9 GREAT REASONS TO ACQUIRE YOUR EQUIPMENT UNDER A LEASE!  (If your business is like most, you've probably got better things to do with your cash!)

  1. YOUR EQUIPMENT CAN PAY FOR ITSELF EVERY MONTH and provide immediate positive cash flow to you.  You keep the difference in excess of the low monthly lease fee.
  2. KEEP THE EQUIPMENT AT THE END OF THE LEASE FOR A NOMINAL LEASE-END PURCHASE OPTION.  At lease end, you may purchase the equipment for a pre-determined low price, usually just 10% of the original cost or less!
  3. CONSERVE YOUR WORKING CAPITAL.  Keep needed cash available for inventory purchases, advertising, overhead and reserves.  Leasing allows cash to be invested, instead of being tied up in equipment.
  4. LEASING KEEPS YOUR BANK CREDIT LINES AVAILABLE for other needs, such as payroll or emergencies which arise.
  5. LEASING OFFERS FLEXIBLE PAYMENT SCHEDULES and options with terms structured to fit your specific need.
  6. APPROVAL IS FAST AND EASY.  Apply online (link to your secure application form) or complete a 1–page application form to be approved for amounts up to $100,000, and in as little as a few hours.
  7. TAX BENEFITS.  Your low monthly lease payments may also qualify you for extra income tax deductions.  A lease can allow you to deduct either 100% of the cost of equipment or 100% of your monthly lease payments.  (Limitations apply.  Check with your tax advisor.)
  8. LEASE PAYMENTS ARE FIXED FOR THE TERM, so you know your costs won't go up as market conditions change.
  9. LEASING PRESERVES YOUR PERSONAL BORROWING ABILITY.  Your credit won't be impacted - and the lease won't show as an obligation on your individual credit bureau.  This keeps your credit score higher than other financing methods.

Wondering whether you should lease or pay cash?  Use this LEASE vs BUY CALCULATOR to make a more informed decision.  (And print a savings certificate good for $50 off of your first lease payment!)