Sample Trade References List
We have put together this list to help jog your memory a bit.
Following is a list of potential trade references for a variety of business types.  If your business purchases goods or supplies from one or more of these kinds of suppliers, please list the appropriate supplier's name and telephone number, etc. as a 'trade reference' on your business lease application.
advertising media (newspaper, radio or television)
alarm service
answering service
bottled water supplier
computer supplies
copier maintenance company
furniture or equipment rental house
graphic artist
ink/toner recharge provider
janitorial Service
business landlord
landscaper / groundskeeping service
messenger service, delivery service
office supplier
other leases (paid or still open)
pest control service
print shop
major purchases paid in 2 or more installments
suppliers of materials
temporary service agency
travel agency
vehicle/fleet maintenance (garage)
waste/trash removal
Industry–specific suggestions:
For Lawyers: a court reporting firm (or two)
For Real Estate Offices: Multiple Listing Service, Board of Realtors
For Restaurants: Food, Meats, Produce, Soft drinks, paper goods suppliers